Postdocoral Fellows

We are interested in talented and passionate Fellows who work well in a team and that are compelled to understand the fundamental mechanisms of human brain development, particularly in the context of ion channel genes. Prospective applicants can send an email to richard.smith at with a CV, cover letter, and list of 3 references.

As a postdoctoral trainee in the Smith lab you will gain expertise in several skills that will propel you towards your goals, whether Academic faculty or Biotech/Pharma. Some of these include hiPSC cerebral organoid model, single cell sequencing (transcriptome/ATAC), High-content confocal microscopy, antisense nucleotide screening, ferret in utero and various hiPSC models, as well as physiology approaches (2-photon imaging, high-throughput electrophysiology, patch-clamp, calcium/voltage imaging).