Previous trainee (now PhD Student) with an adult ferret brain.

Undergraduate Students

The Smith lab welcomes undergraduate students' applications. Our lab provides a challenging intellectual environment committed to the formation of young motivated scientists.

  • What we expect?
    Students are expected to do research work for a minimum block of five consecutive hours, once a week. We also have an hour-long lab meeting every other week, which all students must attend. If you are taking the lab research for credit, each credit should equate to 3 hours of lab work.

  • What to expect?
    In general, during the first semester students become familiar with the in and outs of working in a research lab while providing support to one of the many ongoing projects in the lab. After this acquaintance period, students typically move onto an independent project and develop a thesis proposal as part of the Honors program.

  • How to apply?
    If you are interested in our work and comfortable with the requirements, please send me an email with your CV and a half a page statement of goals describing why are you interested in doing research in my lab and how this research fits with your future career goals.

Note: Positions are limited and selective for those students in their early years (sophomore) and under special circumstances juniors. The successful completion of an undergraduate research project requires a time commitment of at least one year; therefore this position is not open to senior undergraduate students (unless you are seriously considering to pursue a PhD in neuroscience post graduation).

I'm eager to hear your ideas, goals, and how we can work together. Please email me at richard.smith at Northwestern dot edu to discuss.